COPA LOLA’s – Jason Torres won Avellanas and ensures top in the Guanacasteco

Jason Torres photo by Alfredo Barquero
photo: Jason Torres by: Alfredo Barque 


Consequence of the level by which crosses the jacobeño, Jason Torres, yesterday added another victory in the Guanacaste Surf Circuit which is presented by Creatures and Costa Dorada during Lola’s Cup that closed in Hazelnuts in a memorable weekend for the quality of waves that offered the Santa Cruz beach.
To reach his second victory in these righteous and fourth consecutive podium, Torres beat his constant opponent of the season, Angelo Bonomelli, who closed second, the current guanacasteco champion, Isaac Vega, in addition to Junior Leonardo Calvo got two podiums again.

From start to finish during the last end of the day -the Open- Jason was aggressive as is common in it, but it was not until after the first 10 minutes of the series -of 20 concedidos- the jacobeño took the initiative to play with power surfing on a wave right opened, which he did enough damage and with this tie a series that dominated the junior in the opening minutes.

Bonomelli meanwhile, was aggressive with his surfing loaded foundations that identifies; however, in this, another end which are 1 and 2 national ranking and Guanacaste (Jason and Angelo), was heading to Torres who is focused on achieving an unprecedented national participation.

“Congratulate the finalists because I got a big fight in the final. For me, winning is always my goal and thank God here again achieved, which helps me to my goal of winning all this season. I’m focused on that, “Torres said.
With this victory, Jason remains first in the table above Angelo who in turn will be maintained in second place, so that the struggle for national championships and guanacasteco increasingly looks more a you to you between.

Emily Gussoni and double result

Fresh from Ecuador tica Emily Gussoni, who won two international podiums in that country for the Latin American Tour Dates, used the blanks and hunger for victory to crown twice, the Open and Junior Female categories.

In both categories had to beat the number two ranking Guanacaste, Zulay Martinez; however, its highest risk category as female, he gave the US, Molly Kirk, who finished second. The final was also another American, Avery Ayvelotte.

The next and final round of the championship molting Playa Negra Santa Cruz, 9 and 10 May, where the Copa Hotel Playa Negra is run.

Lola’s Cup results:

1. Jason Torres
2. Angelo Bonomelli
3. Isaac Vega
4. Leo Calvo

Open Women
1. Emily Gussoni
2. Molly Kirk
3. Zulay Martinez
4. Avery Aydelotte

1. Ian Bean
2. Red Guzzardo
3. Christian Boos
4. Alex Gomez

1. Aldo Chirinos
2. Leo Calvo
3. Malakai Martinez
4. Lorenzo Wickstrom

Jr Women
1. Emily Gussoni
2. Zulay Martinez
3. Coral Wiggins
4. Lia Diaz

1. Aldo Chirinos
2. Dean Vandewalle
3. Sean Foerster
4. Tiago Carrique

1. Avery Aydelotte
2. Molly Kirk
3. Serena Nava
4. Lia Diaz

Mixed Groms
1. Tiago Leao
2. Orion Eshel
3. Josh Dawson
4. Odin Rodriguez

1. Eddie Enrique
2. Adolfo Gomez
3. Alex Gomez
4. Nolden Zuniga

1. Kai Williams
2. Max Babyak
3. Take Sean
4. Finnegan Bean
5. Pietro Garroux
6. Charlie Herman

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